We are back in the shadows until haunting season 2018

Pay no Attention to the person behind the curtain. All is well in the Forest and the  upgrade to the site is happening as we speak.


This attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. This is a frightening experience, those faint of heart may want to reconsider. You should NOT ENTER the haunted forest if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, prone to seizures, physical ailments, respiratory, or any type of medical problem, or are pregnant, or suffer any form of mental disease, including claustrophobia. 

Your Fears Come to Life

Check us out in 2018!

Not recommended for children under the age of 10 and those faint of heart!

Saturdays ​FAMILY WALK "More Lights, Less Frights" - runs 5 - 6 pm

 All Hell Breaks Loose Fridays & Saturdays 7 - 11 pm

General Admission $15.00
Family Walk Admission $5.00
R.I.P Tickets $25.00
(R.I.P Pass gets you to the front of the line)

  Cash | Debit | Credit

Tickets can be purchased on-line or at the ticket booth.